Our Team

Experienced Researcher at UWE. I’ve been working on CRISTAL since 2000 for CERN and then UWE. Currently involved in CRISTAL-ISE as kernel architect and chief bug inserter. I’ve lived in the Geneva area for nearly two decades, and have two young children, who are already bafflingly bilingual.
Things I like:
  • Mountains
  • Cheese
  • Computers
  • Sailfish
  • International collaboration
  • Trifle

Things I don’t like:

  • Skiing
  • Apple computers and phones
  • The ‘Cloud’/US data harvesting network
  • Seafood
Olivier GATTAZ
Experienced Software Architect, I am the technical responsible of the M1i R&D team.
I’m also a skier and I love ski touring.
Look at my detailed professional profile.
Florent MARTIN
Experienced PhD in Computer science, I am R&D and support manager for Alpha-3i. In the cristal context, I work as a seconded researcher for UWE. For Alpha-3i, I am in charge of the development and integration to Cristal, of Resources Allocation modules.My area of expertise and Research Interests: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Software and Data Integration.Most Important Things: Like cheese wine and skiing !!!!
Junior Engineer,
Specialized into developing web Application (PHP, JAVA).
Currently working as an Analyst Programmer for M1i and as an Early Stage Researcher for UWE on Cristal-Ise Project.
Addict to chocolate ^^.
Experience Researcher with a PhD in Computer Science. Is currently employed by The University of the West of England and is the academic “heart” of the project. His research interests mostly involve the Semantic Web and the applications of such techniques to the CRISTAL software. He also likes playing guitar and eats a bit too much!
Coralie BLANC
Junior Engineer with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.
Currently doing an Mphil as an Early Stage Researcher for UWE on Cristal-Ise Project.
Like playing drums, dancing and running !!.