New member

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  We are all feasting here the end of our Bristol work meeting in may 2015. As a new member of the Cristal’Ise team, please let me introduce myself. You can see me at the center left side of the picture. I am Alain Touret, a french senior computer scientist, …

Secondment to M1i

M1i office


Let me introduce you to my new office: M1i’s office 😉

I spent four months here to work for M1i! It was the opportunity for me to learn more about Agilium products and doing concrete work with customers. Very interesting for me!



What’s best than a Swiss fondue to finish the Year ??!!



There were also as a dessert : cherries with kirsh and meringue with gruyère cream, but everything was already gone when we finally thought about taking pictures :p .

From the whole Cristal-iSE Team :

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !!!



Open Source Launch

A bit late … (Ok : terribly late) here are some pictures about the Cristal Open Source event, that was held at CERN in mid-October.

We were all working really hard to prepare this big event for us (see Coralie preparing badges 😉 )


OS launch 14




More details can be found on our official web site.

CRISTAL-iSE Team Visit to LHCb

Since we have been here for awhile, we decided that a small part of the team would do an underground visit to CERN! It is worth finding out what this weird physics proton boson thingy is about 😉 There were about 12 of us and some members of the team brought along other guests and family members. LHCb is the smallest of the detectors at CERN and is only built to measure one physics thing… 😉

Anyway here are the pictures!


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We presented two posters at ICEIS/ENASE 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal at the end of April. Met a lot of interesting people, and there may well be a few potential projects on the Horizon 2020…

Pictured above are Florent and Patrick presenting the ‘Provenance Applied in Industry’ poster and charming their fellow attendees at the social event. Not shown is the shower of spilt tomato juice that poor Patrick took square in the shirt that night!

First Scrum meeting


Our first SCRUM meeting !!!

We decided to set up an Agile methodology, to optimize throughput (thanks to redmine plugin : Backlogs). Hope it will keep going well !

Guess who is the scrum master ??? 😉

Courses at Bristol


During the second week of March, First trip in Bristol  to have some interesting courses (Research Writing and Research in Contemporary Context). Thanks Jet for having be my tour guide during this week. We didn’t forget to visit one of the most important place in UK : The pub 😉

I had a second trip in Britstol last week, and once again : Great courses, great food (Thanks Richard and Becky for the delicious meal we had in tapas restaurant) and great beer  ! When is the next trip ?

Comfort is important


The previously spare chairs that our new secondees had been suffering had seen better days, so we made a quick trip over to the CERN Recuperation Service to see if they had any newer ones. Not only did they have these beauties, but they were free! They also had a fine selection of 70s filing cabinets, but we’re far too modern for that sort of thing.